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Bobby Salazar’s Mexican Foods Is known for its bright Trademarked logo and is recognizable in the San Joaquin valley.

Bobby Salazar’s Brand is associated with Quality Mexican Food. We are a Restaurant based Mexican Food Company with roots that go back to 1942 with Bobby’s father & Grandparents.  Bobby has his own Restaurants in Fresno with the Bobby Salazar name.

  We also have our Retail Salsa’s  in Major chain Grocery stores across California, & Reno
  • Savemart ,Food Maxx, Lucky
  • Vons, Pavilions,Safeway
  • Winco (California)
  • Food 4Less
  • Walmart (Fresno to Bakersfield)
  • Costco (Fresno to San Jose)
  • Grocery outlet bargain markets (Fresno county)
  • FoodsCo (Fresno to Bakersfield)
  • Freshco (Fresno)
  • Vallarta (Bakersfield to Fresno)
  • along with smaller independent markets from Oregon To San Diego!
  • New Stores Added Daily!


Savor the Flavors and the Fresh Taste of California Produce & Make AnyDay A Fiesta! with Bobby Salazar’s Salsa’s.