THE EARLY YEARS: Founder, Bobby Salazar, was born into and has lived his life in the restaurant business. It began a generation before him in 1942, when his father Sal wanted to sell tacos and other Mexican food to the local farm workers. He started by building a shed from some scrap wood. The wood came from an old man who had planned to use it for a chicken coop, but got too old to finish it!. Sal had offered the old man $25 -- a lot back then considering he was a peach picker up until then. When he ran out of wood, that's how big the place would be. He began with the help of his mom and dad (Bobby’s Grandparents), Jose Maria and Antonia. The venture seemed to make everyone happy. It was a short time before the Salazar family's hard work, great food and knack for service turned the small taco shed into a very popular family restaurant, with people coming from all over California and beyond...


Sal eventually met his wife Eleanor who helped him grow the business. Then, when Bobby came along and was old enough (about gradeschool), he started working in the restaurant too and it really became a family business! There were many regulars that came to visit from all over the country. New recipes were constantly being created and serving people became a way of life. Bobby enjoyed it so much, he was convinced that he wanted to continue in the business, and make it even better. After graduating, he supervised the expansion of the family restaurant which included a new building, catering, popular party trays and the ability to ship frozen dinners to customers anywhere in the United States. And this was just the beginning...


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